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Optimal340B reviews your current program settings, past performance within your 340B TPA portal(s), and all of your program partners to identify missed claims, and why those claims are missed. We then work to implement solutions for capturing those claims.

Keep up to date on 340B

With regular and fast-paced changes within the 340B Drug Pricing Program universe, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date on what is happening.


Optimal340B monitors current and upcoming changes to 340B, identifies if the change could impact your facility, and in most cases we can quantify how those changes might impact your 340B program.

Tracking and managing inventory within a 340B Program can be a huge time consuming process for any pharmacy. Let Optimal340B work to reduce or eliminate hassles like inventory swell, perpetual inventory and ordering integrations, and stagnant inventory true-up minimization are only some of the services we provide. 

Inventory & Ordering

Cash Patient Program

Optimal340B has a passion for supporting patients and ensuring medications can be affordable. We can create or improve a 340B Patient Program for you uninsured or indigent patients utilizing your contract pharmacy network or an in-house, open door pharmacy location to ensure your patients can get the best cash price on their 340B eligible medications.

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