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Optimal340B Helps Covered Entities Save Time and Money

The new platform analyzes pharmacy dispensation records to find errors and missed claims


The team at Optimal340B has announced the launch of its platform, which is designed to help covered entities get the most from its 340B program. Their program’s 340B software is optimized to find errors and missed claims in pharmacy dispensation records. While this entails scouring spreadsheets with thousands of entries - and sometimes more - Optimal340B completes the task quickly and efficiently.

“Covered entity’s 340B programs typically see anywhere between 10-20% leakage,” said the Optimal340B team. “They aren’t capturing all the prescriptions that they could from their pharmacies.”

Leakage can occur in the form of typos and other errors, incorrect program settings, and provider and patient encounter files that are out of date. When prescriptions are not qualified appropriately, covered entities lose out on potential.

Optimal340B analyzes records and then provides recommendations on correcting errors and capturing missed claims. This saves covered entities time and money, and that money saved can go towards programs that enhance patient care and help under served populations.

The program works by first conducting an initial analysis for a savings estimate. Then, Optimal340B works with TPAs to identify solutions before searching for and correcting errors. The program then continuously scours data on a regular and ongoing basis to provide ongoing solutions for maximizing programs. More information can be found at

About Optimal340B

Optimal340B helps covered entities save time and money by scouring pharmacy dispensation records and curbing errors and missed claims.

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