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Why Choose Optimal340B?

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What Clients Have to Say


Optimal340B brings a lot to our facility, helps us think outside the box, challenge outdated ideas, and has an amazing understanding of 340B.

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Lyssa with Optimal340B always makes me feel at ease about the state of our 340B Program. 

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Optimal340B has an art for problem solving, and a passion for uncovering every bit of potential we can get.

Get The Most Out Of Your 340B Program

As a 340B participant, you know that the your 340B Drug Pricing Program has allowed your organization to provide services to underserved patient populations. But how do you know that you are getting the best 340B savings available to you?

Optimal340B reviews all records in depth to identify and include more 340B claims to allow your facility and community more support. 


Avoid HRSA Audit findings

We help covered entities identify and fix compliance issues which could result in a HRSA audit finding. Stop diversion and duplicate discounts in their tracks and avoid potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in manufacturer paybacks. Get your 340B Policies and procedures in line with HRSA requirements, without hassle!

58% of all HRSA audits since 2018 have audit findings. Optimal340B can help you be finding free. 

Maximize Savings

To make full use of the 340B Program, it's important to take advantage of contract pharmacy relationships. We can work with you and your contract pharmacies to expand the use of these pharmacies to their maximum potential, and help to identify and contract with other contract pharmacies that you could be missing out on!

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