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Why Choose Optimal340B?

Our focus is on enhancing our clients' 340B Programs for them, therefore better enabling them to offer improved and more comprehensive services to their patients and communities. 

Hospital Employees

What Clients Say


Optimal340B brings a lot to our facility, helps us think outside the box, challenge outdated ideas, and has an amazing understanding of 340B.

Connecting Dots

Lyssa with Optimal340B always makes me feel at ease about the state of our 340B Program. 

Black Background

Optimal340B has an art for problem solving, and a passion for uncovering every bit of potential we can get.

Deep Industry Experience

With decades of experience is the 340B, healthcare, and pharmacy fields, Optimal340B has the knowledge and experience to provide unparalleled support and service. 

Consulting Expertise

Optimal340B allows clients to concentrate on their primary roles while ensuring they have the best performing & most compliant 340B Program possible. 

Return on Investment
Return on Investment

We save 340B participating facility's an average of over 100 hours of work every month AND typically see a return on investment of over 6 times our cost. 

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