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Snow Capped Mountains

We are proud to be a Women Owned & Operated Company.


About our Founder:

Lyssa Limbrecht-Moss has spent the majority of her life working in and around healthcare and financial services since she was in middle school.


She has been working solely within the 340B Drug Pricing Program since 2015 and has even fully built a full 340B client services department including customized reporting.


Since she started in 340B, Lyssa has worked closely with covered entities, third party claims administrators, wholesalers, pharmacies, and more in order to do everything from identify and find solutions to 340B problems, uncover and capture missed 340B claims, identify program expansion opportunities, and to be an expert guide and resource throughout every stage of a 340B program.


When Lyssa isn't working to raise awareness or further the reach and benefits of 340B programs across the country, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons. She also spends time going camping, fishing and hunting in the woodlands of Idaho as regularly as she can.


Lyssa relaxes on her time off with a good book and (large) hot cup of coffee, and enjoys spending time gardening, raising a small flock of quail, and even practices skills like doing carpentry and wood-working.


What kind of work does Optimal340B do in the 340B Program and what makes it stand out?


Optimal340B is a full service 340B Program Management consulting firm so we do almost everything from end-to-end servicing for 340B Programs all across the country. If we can't directly perform the work, such as opening an in-house pharmacy, we have the know-how and contacts to provide that service to our clients. We provide customized services and support to each Covered Entity and Contract Pharmacy that we work with because we know every 340B Program is unique. 

We also work hand-in-hand with an amazing technology company in order to provide a state of the art technology that gives covered entities really powerful analytics, program auditing and a holistic view of their entire 340B Program in one place, no matter the number of Third Party Administrators in play. Optimal340B also believes in keeping a close eye on the pulse of each 340B Program, particularly in optimization and compliance, so we do full HRSA Mock Audits on at minimum twice annually, up to four times a year for large programs, since there's more of a chance with larger programs for there to be errors and issues come up. 

I truly believe in the fact that in 340B, patients and communities are the center of the program and we do everything possible and are always learning and developing more to help any 340B facility, whether a Covered Entity or a Contract Pharmacy, have a better 340B. Because we believe that when we can better a 340B program, it truly allows facilities to provide better service to their patients. Hence where our motto came from. "A Better 340B. For You. For Your Community". We work very hard to develop the love of 340B in each of our contractors and employees (if they don't already have it) and to always be learning and growing, plus we strive to be honest and transparent to more effectively and fully support our clients. 

Finally, as part of our goal to keep patients and communities first, Optimal340B believes in keeping as much of the savings as possible inside of the 340B Program, so our fees are kept comparatively low. We do not have a brick-and-mortar location in order to reduce overhead and help keep our fees as low as they can be while just covering our personnel and technology costs. 

Why did you get into the 340B Program?

I actually didn't choose to get into 340B, it chose me.


I was hired by a local family owned company to be a receptionist with "light" customer service duties who happened to do 340B consulting work. However we very quickly discovered that I'm, well, good with numbers and I went on to develop many customized, in-depth reports for things like reflecting how a 340B Program is truly performing. In addition, I created many training materials and tools to make sure that client support and service was kept top of the market. I'm always looking to learn and develop more things to help facilities in 340B make their program better. 


I fell in love with everything about 340B and I've just never even wanted to look back. I will uphold and support the 340B Program just as long as I possibly can.

Why did you open your own 340B consulting company instead of just working for another firm?

I actually started the company because I noticed that there really wasn't anyone out there effectively helping contract pharmacies understand and engage better with their 340B Program so I started there with Clear340B. In 2020, with the COVID pandemic happening and effecting every single healthcare provider, I realized just how much more important it was for us to get back into serving Covered Entities as well as the contract pharmacies and so we rebranded as Optimal340B and I dove back into helping all different Covered Entities and contract pharmacies who are running a 340B Program. They have enough to worry about outside of 340B, so we take that burden off them while making their programs better performing, more compliant and just overall, easier

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