About Us:

Company Timeline:

Optimal340B was founded in 2019 as a resource for Covered Entities that struggle with wanting to make sure that they are capturing all of the potential benefit they can within their 340B Drug Pricing Program. We then added in the capabilities to respond to the announcements from companies like ESP, Kalderos and others where there is a significant gap in capabilities of Third Party Administrators systems and what those companies are requesting. Most Covered Entities already have a more than full time job with their standard responsibilities and adding these extra layers and required knowledge of how to make the new 340B platforms work, is unrealistic with the number of hours in a day. Optimal340B has the knowledge and experience of working in depth with many different TPAs for years now, and we can work through almost any challenge and system to make sure that your facility is getting the maximum benefit it possibly can.

About our Founder:

Lyssa Limbrecht-Moss has been working in the 340B field since 2015 and in that time has worked closely with Covered Entities, Third Party claims administrators, wholesalers, Pharmacies, and more in order to identify problems, find solutions to those problems, find missed opportunities and expansion opportunities, and to be a guide and resource throughout every stage of a 340B program. While working to help further the reach of 340B programs across the country, Lyssa also enjoys spending time with her two boys, pets and going hunting.

Product Specifics/features:


Optimal340B reviews your current program settings and performance within your 340B TPA portal(s) and works to identify missed claims, and why those claims are missed. Working with pharmacies, TPAs and your staff (if necessary) we find and help implement solutions for capturing those claims. Sometimes it's as small as a provider panel not updated regularly, sometimes it's larger like needing to implement correct EHR/EMR records. 

No matter what the necessary solution, we are here to help guide you through every step of the way, and where possible we take on the daily projects and management of your program, If you have multiple TPAs for pharmacies, we show you all the details of your entire program in simple, easy to read consolidated reports on whatever schedule you would like (monthly, quarterly, etc.).


Optimal340B keeps up to date on goings on within the 340B industry and can inform you of changes, and in most cases, we can quantify those changes so you can clearly see how they would impact your program.

While we offer a huge range of services, our pricing is designed to be competitive, and to adjust to your facility's needs.