About Us:

Company Timeline:

Optimal340B was founded in 2019 out of a passion to bring clarity, increase benefit, and be a resource for both Covered Entities and Contract Pharmacies that often struggle with managing and navigating within their 340B Drug Pricing Program, all without losing sight of the unique wants and needs of each facility. 


Most people managing a 340B program such as CFO, CEO or Director of Pharmacy already have a more than full time job with their standard responsibilities and adding the extra layers and required knowledge of how to make the new 340B platforms work, is unrealistic with the number of hours in each day. 


Optimal340B has the knowledge and years of experience of working in depth within 340B, healthcare and pharmacy, so we can work through almost any challenge to make sure that your facility is getting the maximum benefit possible, and ensuring compliance within 340B regulations. 

We are a proud Women Owned Company.


About our Founder:

Lyssa Limbrecht-Moss has spent most of her life working within healthcare and financial settings. She has been working solely within the 340B Drug Pricing Program since 2015. Lyssa has worked closely with covered entities, third party claims administrators, wholesalers, pharmacies, and more in order to identify and find solutions to 340B problems, uncover and capture missed 340B claims, identify program expansion opportunities, and to be a guide and resource throughout every stage of a 340B program.


While working to help further the reach and benefits of 340B programs across the country, Lyssa also enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, going camping, fishing and hunting in the woodlands of Idaho. She love to relax with a good book and hot cup of coffee, gardening vegetables, raising a small flock of quail, as well as doing carpentry and wood-working.