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What You Need to Know About Your 340B Savings and Telepharmacy

Imagine having unlimited access to pharmacy patients without extra work on your part. Telepharmacy makes it easy for you to:

  • Reach more patients

  • Improve patient care

  • Maximize your 340B savings.

So, what is telepharmacy? 

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) defines telepharmacy as a “... method used in pharmacy practice in which a pharmacist uses telecommunications technology to oversee aspects of pharmacy operations or provide patient care services.”

In short, telepharmacy falls under the umbrella of telehealth

Here’s the thing: hospitals, health systems, and pharmacies all share the same struggle with controlling costs. There’s no doubt about it. Expanding 340B medication access using telepharmacy will help reduce costs and more.

A few benefits of working with contract pharmacies offering telepharmacy services include:

  • Improved patient adherence

  • Enhanced patient care outcomes

  • Reduced readmissions. 

You’ll also create more opportunities to generate revenue.

Telepharmacy helps patients to never miss a dose. Patients will receive safe and accurate meds delivered to their door when they need it most. That said, convenient access to medications will improve patients’ continuity of care. 

What type of contract pharmacies are best? Pharmacies with access to doctors who prescribe specialty and 340B drugs are best.  In this way, you’ll maximize your savings in no time.

Don’t worry. With the right technology and support, you’ll capture 340B-eligible prescriptions without needing to add unnecessary workflow changes or paperwork. 

How has COVID affected telepharmacy and 340B? HRSA loosened telehealth services’ regulations, including telepharmacy. 

They recognize, “the use of technology in health care delivery during this time is critical, and that telemedicine is merely a mode by which the health care service is delivered.”

How can I remain compliant with telepharmacy services? HRSA recommends that you outline the telepharmacy terms in your policies and procedures and keep auditable records for each 340B patient. 

No need to go at this alone. Our 340B experts partner with covered entities of all types to maximize their 340B Program’s potential while ensuring HRSA compliance.

Reach out to if you have any questions! We’re here to help.

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