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Make sure you are HRSA compliant

With HRSA audits increasing and being released every quarter, and over 58% of audits since FY2019 having findings, are you able to afford up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in manufacturer paybacks?

​Our auditing services review your program on a quarterly or bi-annual basis to ensure that once Optimal340B has solved any 340B program compliance concerns, they stay that way!

Don't wait until it's too late and you get the HRSA audit notification. 

External Audits

HRSA states programs should have at least one external audit every calendar year.


Optimal340B's external auditing services meet and exceed HRSA auditing requirements. We review 100% of 340B claims for any potential or actual compliance concerns and work with any technology or service vendors to resolve identified concerns. 

Need help with completing your HRSA required Internal Audits?

Optimal340B will help train and support your staff to ensure your internal audits are performed regularly and smoothly. 

Internal Audits

Policy & Procedures

Some of the most common HRSA Audit findings are related to 340B Policy & Procedures. 

Whether you already have 340B P&Ps or not, Optimal340B can help ensure that they are HRSA compliant and to maintain updates as things change. 

Get help with registration, recertification or changes to your program details within the OPAIS database. Optimal340B helps to ensure all requirements for OPAIS registration and information management are met and maintained by your facility. 

OPAIS database

HRSA Audit

If you ever do get notified that you are getting a HRSA audit, we will prepare and deliver any required reporting with you, prior to the on-site audit and will be present for the days that HRSA is at your location performing the audit. 

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