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Powerful Technology with a Human Touch

Optimal340B has partnered with the powerful technology of Louvir to bring you your entire 340B program reporting in one place. 


With powerful analytics, data, and auditing tools, all on-demand, you can better manage your entire 340B Program at once. 

With an average Return On Investment of 6 times our costs based on time saved and increase in 340B revenues, you almost can't afford to not find out more

Aggregated Reporting

With there being so many Third Party Administrators out there for each big pharmacy chain, it can be a pain to have to log into multiple TPA portals to try and get your reporting to determine how your program is truly performing. 

With Louvir's technology, Optimal340B can provide you a seamless, all-in-one place to get all of your Contract Pharmacy reporting, together, to make managing your 340B Program even easier. 

Because Louvir integrates with all of your EHR & ePrescribe systems this program gives you incredibly powerful Internal Auditing tools that not only will save you hours of time doing your internal audits, but makes any HRSA audit data request a breeze with features such as a central location for storing all of your 340B documents like contracts, Policies & Procedures, past audit history, and more. 

Internal Audit Tools

340B ESP data submission

We all know that it's a hassle to pull and submit the data required for manufacturer restrictions into the 340B ESP (SecondSight) platform. 

So, Optimal340B & Louvir partnered together provides you a seamless, automated upload of your 340B ESP data on at least a twice monthly basis, and we make sure to monitor your claims until the 340B Price is restored. 

Check out Louvir

Check out Louvir for more information on the powerful technology that they have created & Optimal340B has partnered with, then schedule a consultation call with us to get started on your journey to A Better 340B.  For You. For Your Community.

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