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Let us help 340B run smoothly in your pharmacy

Optimal340B knows that it's difficult enough running your pharmacy and serving your patients, much less understanding your 340B contract and how everything in the program works.

We have years of experience in the healthcare, pharmacy, and financial industries. And we will bring your 340B program more in line with the rest of your pharmacy, while clearly showing how your program is performing. 

340B financials

See clearly what you are making on each 340B claim compared to if it wasn’t 340B.


See how PBM clawbacks like DIR & GER fees are affecting you 340B margins and be able to proactively estimate future fees on 340B claims. 

Tracking and managing inventory within a 340B Program can be a huge time consuming process for any pharmacy. Let Optimal340B work to reduce or eliminate hassles like inventory swell, perpetual inventory and ordering integrations, and stagnant inventory true-up minimization are only some of the services we provide. 

Inventory & Ordering

Cash Patient Program

Optimal340B has a passion for supporting patients and ensuring medications can be affordable. We can create or improve a 340B Patient Program for you uninsured or indigent patients utilizing your contract pharmacy network or an in-house, open door pharmacy location to ensure your patients can get the best cash price on their 340B eligible medications.

Having multiple 340B contracts can make it very difficult to check if you're paying more than one covered entity for the same claim. Optimal340B can review all of your invoices to ensure you're not paying more than necessary. 

340B Overpayments

340B Overcapture

Optimal340B reviews your claims data and works with your covered entities to ensure that claims are not being flagged as 340B, when they should not be. 

From vaccines, to incorrect provider panels, and everything in between, we make sure you aren't bearing the brunt of the 340B program unnecessarily. 

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