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The Best Educational Resources That Will Help Your 340B Program Succeed

Would you like to remain compliant while optimizing your 340B savings potential?

The truth is. Your compliance team must be up-to-date on the latest 340B best practices and updates.

Also, keeping well-informed will help you stay compliant. So you can continue expanding healthcare services for your most vulnerable patients. Luckily, there are many educational resources your organization can take advantage of today.

But let’s look at the very best educational resources that will help your 340B program succeed. Plus, the overall goal of each resource. Whether you’re a large organization with a 340B team or a smaller one with only a 340B director, educate your staff.

So, what are some of the best educational resources available?

Apexus has the best resources, which include:

Your 340B team can access these web-based resources anytime, anyplace. That said. Here are a few benefits of learning from these top resources.

Your team will gain a solid 340B foundation through self-paced modules that fit their existing roles with 340B University OnDemand.

An example includes your 340 compliance director will most likely need to complete every module. In contrast, your pharmacy buyer will only need to focus on the purchase-related modules. Apexus also recommends you complete 340B OnDemand modules annually.

Additionally, 340B University Live is an interactive, full-day event. New 340B members and people needing a refresher will learn more about best practices during this event. Before each session, the host checks every attendees’ demographics. Then, adjusts the content to fit their unique needs. You’ll also get real-life insights from 340B leaders on how to stay compliant today.

But how can you enforce stricter education requirements for your 340B team members? Make ongoing 340B education a job requirement. Another best practice includes adding 340B education in 340B positions’ job descriptions.

Have any questions about your 340B program? We’re here to help, contact

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